Forthcoming Articles

Since I want to find answers and give advice on topics that you are concerned about, please comment on what questions you have or which articles below you are most interested in. As I work through the list and receive comments, I’ll update this list.

  • When should I start investing? Should I buy a few stocks or pick a few companies?
  • What’s the difference between playing the stock market vs investing?
  • What are the differences between Roth and Traditional IRAs?
  • Can you have more than one retirement plan? Say one from work and and IRA/Roth/Trad? If you’ve chosen your employer’s retirement plan, don’t they automatically take money out of your paycheck?
  • What is a diversified portfolio? Is it a bad idea use funds from your retirement account for exploration and diversification?
  • Is a retirement account something you ought to check on often? Or is it something you can just forget about until the proper time comes (or an emergency comes up)?


For later:

Always updated guide to saving money

  1. Taxes (Tax-loss harvesting, deductions, credits)
  2. Bills
    1. Cut cable
    2. Thermostat
    3. Internet
    4. Cellphone
  3. Retirement
  4. Investing
  5. Loans
  6. Car
  7. House
  8. Kids Education
  9. Groceries / Restaurants
  10. Fun money